Advanced Yellow Indestructible Crystal

(56) Advanced Yellow Indestructible Crystal
Binds on Equip
Color Crystal (Item Modifications)
Total Stats:
+41 Endurance
Requires Level 50
Crafted - Artifice
PvP - 450 Warzone Commendations
Ripped - Removed from:
Arkanian Supercommando's Shield Arkanian Survivor's Shield Arkanian War Leader's Shield Battlemaster Supercommando's Shield Generator Battlemaster Survivor's Shield Generator Battlemaster War Leader's Shield Generator Black Hole Bulwark's MK-2 Shield Black Hole Bulwark's MK-3 Shield Black Hole Demolisher's MK-2 Shield Black Hole Demolisher's MK-3 Shield Black Hole Duelist's MK-2 Shield Black Hole Duelist's MK-3 Shield Black Hole Mender's Rebuilt Shotgun Black Hole Mender's Rebuilt Vibroknife Black Hole Targeter's Rebuilt Shotgun Black Hole Targeter's Rebuilt Vibroknife Black Market Bulwark's MK-1 Shield Black Market Bulwark's MK-2 Shield Black Market Demolisher's MK-1 Shield Black Market Demolisher's MK-2 Shield Black Market Duelist's MK-1 Shield Black Market Duelist's MK-2 Shield Campaign Supercommando's Shield Campaign Survivor's Shield Campaign War Leader's Shield Centurion Supercommando's Shield Generator Centurion Survivor's Shield Generator Centurion War Leader's Shield Generator Champion Supercommando's Shield Generator Champion Survivor's Shield Generator Champion War Leader's Shield Generator Columi Supercommando's Shield Generator Columi Survivor's Shield Generator Columi War Leader's Shield Generator Double-bladed Lightsaber of Quintessential Defense Dread Forged Supercommando's Shield Dread Forged Survivor's Shield Dread Forged War Leader's Shield Dread Guard Supercommando's Shield Dread Guard Survivor's Shield Dread Guard War Leader's Shield Dread Master Supercommando's Shield Dread Master Survivor's Shield Dread Master War Leader's Shield Dread Touched Bulwark's MK-2 Shield Dread Touched Demolisher's MK-2 Shield Dread Touched Duelist's MK-2 Shield Exceptional Enforcer's Shotgun Exceptional Enforcer's Vibroknife Exceptional Field Medic's Shotgun Exceptional Field Medic's Vibroknife Exceptional Field Tech's Vibroknife Hazmat Bulwark's MK-1 Shield Hazmat Bulwark's MK-2 Shield Hazmat Bulwark's MK-3 Shield Hazmat Demolisher's MK-1 Shield Hazmat Demolisher's MK-2 Shield Hazmat Demolisher's MK-3 Shield Hazmat Duelist's MK-1 Shield Hazmat Duelist's MK-2 Shield Hazmat Duelist's MK-3 Shield Kell Dragon Supercommando's Shield Kell Dragon Survivor's Shield Kell Dragon War Leader's Shield Legionnaire Bulwark's MK-1 Shield Legionnaire Bulwark's MK-2 Shield Legionnaire Bulwark's MK-3 Shield Legionnaire Demolisher's MK-1 Shield Legionnaire Demolisher's MK-2 Shield Legionnaire Demolisher's MK-3 Shield Legionnaire Duelist's MK-1 Shield Legionnaire Duelist's MK-2 Shield Legionnaire Duelist's MK-3 Shield Oriconian Bulwark's MK-1 Shield Oriconian Bulwark's MK-2 Shield Oriconian Demolisher's MK-1 Shield Oriconian Demolisher's MK-2 Shield Oriconian Duelist's MK-1 Shield Oriconian Duelist's MK-2 Shield Rakata Supercommando's Shield Generator Rakata Survivor's Shield Generator Rakata War Leader's Shield Generator Shadowed Bulwark's MK-1 Shield Shadowed Bulwark's MK-2 Shield Shadowed Demolisher's MK-1 Shield Shadowed Demolisher's MK-2 Shield Shadowed Duelist's MK-1 Shield Shadowed Duelist's MK-2 Shield The Blast Ward The Bulwark The Unstoppable Force Tionese Supercommando's Shield Generator Tionese Survivor's Shield Generator Tionese War Leader's Shield Generator Underworld Supercommando's Shield Underworld Survivor's Shield Underworld War Leader's Shield Verpine Bulwark's MK-1 Shield Verpine Bulwark's MK-2 Shield Verpine Demolisher's MK-1 Shield Verpine Demolisher's MK-2 Shield Verpine Duelist's MK-1 Shield Verpine Duelist's MK-2 Shield Warborn Supercommando's Shield Warborn Survivor's Shield Warborn War Leader's Shield Xenotech Supercommando's Shield Generator Xenotech Survivor's Shield Generator Xenotech War Leader's Shield Generator
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Skill Required
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